Last night, Jun took Patty to the Naval hospital. She has a fever of 105 and she has ammonia. She is not doing well at all. The Doctors gave her blood. As her white blood count is down. Please God, don’t take her. Heal her. You say, “ask and you will receive. Well I am asking. Please heal her. Please pray for Patty. I love you all. Remember, life is short, be happy and think of other people beside yourself. Please be good. And if something happens to me going over the pass. Take care of dad. Please help Mike, don’t let his ex take his daughter away. Don’t forget, Mandy. She is not well either. Keep together. Together your STRONG, apart your weak. Remember I love you all.


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Mother of three wonderful sons and one wonderful daughter. A very happy grandmother of six wonderful grandchildren. Halena, Alicia, Nik, Neeners, Chop Chop, and the youngest Lorelai. I am so blessed to have them all in my life. I love you all very much.

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  1. i wish i could’ve went with you guys. i want jason to meet her also. i hope she is doing ok. we love you too mom, so much you don’t even know. don’t ever think that we don’t need you anymore. i love you mommy.

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