Yesterday @ 11:00 am she went to the Navy hospital. The doctor put her in ICU. She is not doing so well. Her Blood is 90/40 Her 02 is 80 her heart rate is 135. The fuild in her left lung is going into her stomach. They are checking her for ammonia and meningitis. She is in a lot of pain and she is always screaming with pain. Oh my God please dont take her from me. Cure her PLEASE, Don’t take her, take me. I will follow you if you cure her LORD. WHERE ARE YOU? ARE YOU NOT LISTENING? DO YOU NOT CARE? SHE IS SO YOUNG STILL AND FIGHTING SO HARD TO LIVE. PLEASE LORD, YOU TOOK LAURA ALREADY. IF YOU WANT ANOTHER ONE FROM MY FAMILY, TAKE ME, NOT HER. I AM READY…. I AM ALREADY DEAD ANYWAY. DO YOU NOT HEAR ME?????? TAKE ME NOT HER.
When your parents die, it is said you lose your past; when your spouse dies, you lose your present; and when your child dies, you lose your future. However, when your sibling dies, you lose a part of your past, present, and your future. You loose so much. I can not bare it no more.

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Mother of three wonderful sons and one wonderful daughter. A very happy grandmother of six wonderful grandchildren. Halena, Alicia, Nik, Neeners, Chop Chop, and the youngest Lorelai. I am so blessed to have them all in my life. I love you all very much.

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