Robin Annette West Auayan

I was born on Nov. 1st, 1960 in Spokane, Washington, to Glenn West & Renee Harriet Davis They named me, Robin Annette West, I grew up in Leavenworth, Washington. My parents divorced in 1969. My mom moved to Guam on Easter, 1971. That is where I met my husband, Matthew Tolentino Auayan. aka David……………….. more to come
I am a very proud mother of three sons, David, Joshua and Michael and one daughter, Amanda. I know I have the best children in the world, that any mother would want.
I am also a proud grandmother of six wonderful grandchildren. I have five granddaughters, Halena, Alicia, Nikisha, Anaiah and Lorelai and one grandson, Joshua Jr. They are my life. I love to spoil them but I don’t like to send them home. I miss them when they go home. However, I have never seen my first granddaughter, which saddens my heart. I just hope & pray, one day I will see her before I leave this world. I never get to see my other granddaughter, Anaiah as her mother decided that. One day, Anaiah will know that I love her, and she will know the truth.

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