Sad Day

Well my sister, Patty past away. She went to our Lord on Jan. 22, 2007 @ 9:45 pm and four seconds. I miss her so much. When she went she took part of me with her. We buried her on Monday, Jan. 29, 2007, started at 1:00 pm. I love and miss you so much………….


Thanks for listening to me. I just needed someone to talk too. Is seems like everyone here does not care. Your a good dad and a good husband. Keep up the good work, but please don’t forget about your family. Nicole, Thank you for taking good care of my son. Never give up and always listen & try to understand him. Love him to the end. I love all of you very much. Take care of dad.


Get to a doctor and find out what is going on with you. Don’t stop tell you have the answer. I love you Mandy. Please think of other people’s feelings too. Sometimes you act like you just don’t care and you slam the door on me.  You remember I love you with all my heart.


I do not know why you hate me so much. I feel like you dont give a shit about anyone but you and Amanda. One day you will know what it feels like to have your heart killed. Good luck in your life. I do love you so very much but I cant take the pain NO MORE.

You know your children needs you. They need a lot of time. Its not a part time job, it is a full time job for the rest of your life. Remember that. Joshua, I love you, please look at what your doing. Take a good look at your life. Are you happy?


Yesterday @ 11:00 am she went to the Navy hospital. The doctor put her in ICU. She is not doing so well. Her Blood is 90/40 Her 02 is 80 her heart rate is 135. The fuild in her left lung is going into her stomach. They are checking her for ammonia and meningitis. She is in a lot of pain and she is always screaming with pain. Oh my God please dont take her from me. Cure her PLEASE, Don’t take her, take me. I will follow you if you cure her LORD. WHERE ARE YOU? ARE YOU NOT LISTENING? DO YOU NOT CARE? SHE IS SO YOUNG STILL AND FIGHTING SO HARD TO LIVE. PLEASE LORD, YOU TOOK LAURA ALREADY. IF YOU WANT ANOTHER ONE FROM MY FAMILY, TAKE ME, NOT HER. I AM READY…. I AM ALREADY DEAD ANYWAY. DO YOU NOT HEAR ME?????? TAKE ME NOT HER.
When your parents die, it is said you lose your past; when your spouse dies, you lose your present; and when your child dies, you lose your future. However, when your sibling dies, you lose a part of your past, present, and your future. You loose so much. I can not bare it no more.



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Wow, look what my daughter did for my web page. I really love the FAMILY picture. Thank you so much, Mandy. You did a good job. Thank you….. but could you fix my links. One for Laura and one for cancer. They are not working. Thanks again.


Well I got to see my sister, Patty. She is not doing well. However they let her out of the hospital yesterday. She looks so sad. The hardest part is, there is not a darn thing I can do for her. I feel so helpless. She is so sick. Why can’t I stop smoking? I try but I just can’t. Why is all this happening? I just don’t understand. Patty is only 47 years old. She does not deserve this. She is a kind and loving person. I feel so sorry for Jun. I wish I was there to help him. But I can’t. I know how hard it is to feel so helpless. You just can’t stand to sit back and wait This is so wrong. Please Lord heal my sister. Show us you can heal her. You are the only hope we have left. Please lord, don’t take her away. HEAL HER…..


Last night, Jun took Patty to the Naval hospital. She has a fever of 105 and she has ammonia. She is not doing well at all. The Doctors gave her blood. As her white blood count is down. Please God, don’t take her. Heal her. You say, “ask and you will receive. Well I am asking. Please heal her. Please pray for Patty. I love you all. Remember, life is short, be happy and think of other people beside yourself. Please be good. And if something happens to me going over the pass. Take care of dad. Please help Mike, don’t let his ex take his daughter away. Don’t forget, Mandy. She is not well either. Keep together. Together your STRONG, apart your weak. Remember I love you all.